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At Manchester Dog Care Ltd (MDC) also trading as Central Bark and Beach Dog Café, we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of the people who use our website and register to use to use our services. We aim to provide a complete and supportive service to look after your pets but to do so we have to collect data about your dog(s) and also personal data about you and your family which must be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other legislation and guidelines regulating the management of personal data and marketing communications.
We have to collect and ‘process’ certain information about the individuals who comprise our customers, staff, suppliers and prospective customers and partners. We appreciate that this data belongs to the person providing it and so we aim to avoid the collection of any data that is not necessary to facilitate the successful delivery or marketing of our services. We also avoid storing data unnecessarily and both avoid collecting personal data when it is not necessary and we purge our systems to delete any personal data that is held beyond its useful life. We therefore fully appreciate and respect the importance of data privacy and security in all forms.
We believe you should feel both informed and empowered when it comes to our handling and usage of your information. This notice therefore explains:
What information we collect when you’re using our platform and systems;
Why we collect that information;
How we may then use that information;
How we share that information with the our partners or service providers if necessary;
How long we keep your information, and how we protect it whilst we have it;
What we won’t do with your information;
What choice and options you have to control your information.
If you have any queries or questions please contact Tania or Tony Golden.
Throughout we aim to be as clear and open as we can with you on what information we collect, why we collect it and how we use it, so you are informed and able to make decisions to control your information in the ways you’re comfortable with. Whilst we hold your information, we will keep it up to date and protect it as if it was
our own sensitive information, using appropriate security safeguards. We have taken into account the latest industry standards and best practice.
How do we collect information about you?
In any interaction you may have with MDC Ltd such as registering your dog for Day Care, we collect information in three possible ways:
1. When you directly give it to us (“Directly Provided Data”)
2. When you go on our website or on facebook and send us any information.
3. When you transact with us either on-line (e.g. buying vouchers or booking stays or services) or when you are at Central Bark or one of our branches.
What information do we collect about you, why do we collect it and what do we do with it?
We need to collect information about you and your pets so that we can contact you either routinely to confirm attendance or update you on service offers and timings, in an emergency or for marketing to inform you about service updates, product offers or seasonal opportunities.
To achieve that we will typically collect:
* Personal data about you including name and address, contact details such as telephone number and email address.
* Transactional information (non-personally identifiable) about your purchase such as day care, boarding, grooming etc
* We may share that information with partners or companies within our supply chain for example a ‘Dog Groomer’ who is not employed by us, only if necessary to provide you with the best service. When we share any information with these individuals or organisations we do so under strict contractual terms which include equivalent privacy policies and information security to protect your information.
We will use your information to contact you, send invoices if appropriate or marketing material to promote our services or advise you of news or updates.
We store your data on computers and servers within the European Economic Area (EEA). By submitting your information you agree to this.
We keep your information only for as long as you are in contact with us plus 3 years so that we can from time to time remind you or our services. We recognise for example, that our pets don’t live as long as we do and whilst you may have lost a pet, we’d still like to keep you abreast of news and changes and maybe information about adoption/re-homing and/or ‘meet and greet’ which we have found a comfort to many. You will of course have the opportunity on every electronic communication to opt-out and so exclude yourself from receiving any further communications or by just letting us know. We respect your wishes always!
During that period we or our partner ‘review company’, Feefo may contact you to request that you assess the standard of our service and that prompt will be by email or SMS and the data you submit will be anonymous via a website. This is typically a link to a satisfaction survey to assess the quality of our services and feedback any views you may have. This satisfaction survey is part of our processing and is not marketing material and you have the option to complete it or not and so we don’t ask for your consent to use your email address for this purpose it will just be sent to you.
What about cookies?
We only use cookies when you visit our site to track site usage. These cookies allow us to measure and analyse how users navigate the website, to improve both its functionality and your experience. They don’t generally identify you as an individual however in some cases for example, as a prompt to complete an unfinished form will be used but as soon as they have gone beyond their useful life they are deleted.
By using our site, you agree to us placing these sorts of cookies on your device and accessing them when you visit the site in the future. If you want to delete any cookies that are already on your computer, the “help” section in your browser should provide instructions on how to locate the file or directory that stores cookies. Further information about cookies can be found at www.aboutcookies.org.
How do we share the information we collect?
We are conscious that you are trusting MDC LTD with your information but in addition, to be able to carry out an efficient service, we may need to work with a number of third parties (supply chain) who are experts in their particular fields and who cover numerous additional operations. We are very careful who we share your information with, but it is important that you understand when that sharing takes place and why, and that’s what this
section explains. The limited instances where we may share your information include:
We share your information externally with our marketing service providers to whom we outsource our marketing communications. Our core service providers such as dog groomers or fellow professionals such as trainers who provide additional service in which case only the data for those people who choose the service will be shared.
Each of the individuals or external companies we work with has been carefully selected due to their ability to provide an efficient high quality service including their ability to handle sensitive data (like your personal information) securely and appropriately. Each of these external companies has a ‘Data Processing’ contract with us, which clearly sets out our expectations and requirements in handling any of your information, and holds them fully responsible for meeting those expectations and requirements. On that basis and only on that basis, we may therefore disclose your personal information (including your personally identifiable information). We are confident that we can trust those third-party service providers with your information.
We also share your information when we’re required to comply with any legal request. We may be required to share information for legal reasons for example to provide information for a ‘Subject Access Request’.
Your Rights
Should you require any help or information about the data we hold or use, please feel free to contact Tony or Tania Golden or a member of our customer care team who will need to formally log your request.
Protecting your security
We are always striving to securely protect the data in our care and we aim to operate at least at industry standard. Consequently, your data is held on secure servers located in the EEA.
Should there be a requirement to transfer any data to other organisations as described earlier, we use secure file transfer protocols (SFTP).
Where any services are paid for on-line or through a credit or debit card, our payment gateway operates independently of our systems and is PCI compliant to ensure that payment data is not held on our main platform or systems and only exists in an extremely secure ‘banking’ environment that is not managed by us.
Contacting us
The information you provide to us is controlled by MDC Ltd, currently legislated by the Data Protection Act 1998 (the Act) and the Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulation 2003. It is anticipated that these will be replaced in May 2018 by the GDPR and ePrivacy regulation and once announced, we will comply as soon any possible.
If you have any questions or queries concerning our services or this Privacy Policy, we are always keen to hear from our customers. We are always grateful for any time you spend providing us with the knowledge we need to ensure our customers are completely satisfied. You can contact us by email info@manchesterdogcare.com
Or you can call 0161 425 4088 and ask for customer services or write to Customer Services, Central Bark, 6 Coldfield Drive, Wythenshawe, Cheshire, M23 9GG.
Changes to this Policy
We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make significant changes in the way we treat your personal information, or to the Privacy Policy, we will make that clear on the Central Bark website.


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